Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Designer Inspiration...

Have you ever had a personal moment when watching a runway show or viewing a designer's new collection? You know what I mean. Just good ol' fashioned unexpected dazzlement for your thirsty eyeballs. You didn't even know what you were about to stumble into and then WHAM visual stimulation perking you up like no red eye or shots of espresso can. This is what happened when I clicked on a simple thumbnail for a maxi dress that caught my eye on TheCoolHunter.

The SS 2012 collection by Stella Jean blends retro fitted silhouettes with vibrant print mixing and traditional menswear stripe shirtings so effortlessly it's as though they were made for one another. To put it simply, imagine J.Crew went on a safari and came back as an African Queen...   inspired

Make sure to click the links above to view the whole fabulous collection.
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