Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Artist Inspiration- Katie Monahan

Us designers and creative types get inspiration from all over. Whether its traversing the globe to far away and exotic places, admiring a runway show from the side of a catwalk, people watching on the bustling streets of a busy metropolis, hearing the pure and honest sound of great music, or being visually impacted by an artist's work you see in a gallery. All of these everyday delights to our senses keep pushing us forward to create and share more for the world to see.
I had one of those life altering experiences at Downtown Los Angeles' monthly artwalk not too long ago. Artist Katie Monahan has a way with layering color, fluid strokes, and textures that when combined make these dimensional striking pieces you can't help but lose yourself for hours in.

For all you L.A. locals, artwalk is this thursday the 12th downtown, make sure to stop by and see her work, you will be thankful you did. In the mean time make sure to stop by her website for the full range of her work and contact info. Click here and I'll send you directly there.  

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  1. Such a huge fan of Katie's work! Totally awestruck!